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President, CEO, Chief Executive Officer, CMO, CFO, Chief Operations Officer, VP Human Resources, Director of Human Resource, VP Sales, Vice President Sales, General Manager, VP Sales & Marketing, VP Government Sales, VP Rep Agent, Director of Sales, Director of National Accounts, Regional Sales Director, Regional Director Sales, Director of Operations, Ops Manager, National Account Manager, NAM-Wal-Mart, National Account Managers, OEM Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager, HR Business Partner, Senior Product Manager, Product Manager, Trade Marketing Manager, Ecommerce Manager, Director Digital Marketing, Digital Manager, Marketing Analyst, Plant Manager,

Atlanta, New York City, NY, ATL, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Miami, Tampa, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San Fran, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Arizona, Nevada, Reno, Las Vegas, Seattle, Charlotte, Charleston, Des Moines, Washington, D.C, Washington D.C, District of Colombia, Stamford, Hartford, New Haven, Boston, Boston, MA, Bakersfield, California, Cali, Texas, New York, Mass, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, South Carolina, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Chicago, Illinois, Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Recruiting & retaining great leaders...
...Along with developing the next generation.

As a premier boutique search firm, we are trusted human capital business partners for our clients and the candidates we represent.

Our clients range from Fortune 500 corporations to start-up ventures and small entrepreneurial firms, privately held, publicly traded as well as private equity.

We have two teams: one is focused on COO/CFO/GM/SVP/VP/Director level and the second team builds out the Senior Manager/Managers. We often build out entire teams and our clients look to us to understand the dynamics of the group, to create a cohesive unit.

Our retained search recruiters are true business and career partners with the executives they represent. To ensure that we connect the candidates and companies who truly match each other’s needs, our retained search experts invest up front in comprehensive research. We carefully assess the position and how your experiences and skills fit with those elements. We understand the process. We understand the industry. We proceed in a highly efficient and consultative fashion to find the match between your career goals and companies seeking your skills.

Board Meeting

We understand what it takes to deliver knowledgeable results that will exceed your expectations.

We listen—truly listen. We assess. And then we deliver.

Who We Are

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